Gabi on the Sea

Ayurvedic treatments in Cherai, Kochi, Kerala

The term Ayurveda means ‘science of life’

Based on an ancient tradition, Ayurvedic medicine has been used in southern India for more than 3,000 years. 

Key concepts of Ayurvedic medicine include universal interconnectedness (among people, their health, and the universe), the body’s constitution, and life forces . Using these concepts, Ayurvedic physicians prescribe individualised treatments, including compounds of herbs, dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

Performed by specialist practitioners, the treatments are particularly effective for neck and back pain, gastric problems, weight loss, arthritis, osteoarthritis and skin problems. These time-tested remedies will re-energise your body, soothe your mind and feed your soul.

In the development of Gabi on the Sea, it felt right to honour this practice and include a treatment centre in the shade of the building. Working in partnership with an Ayurvedic clinic we developed the ground floor to incorporate 2 massage rooms, a steam bath and a shower room.  Completely private with only the sounds of the sea.

Short description Ayurveda

According to ancient texts, a human body is composed of several elements (Panchabhoothas):

  • the Earth (MUNN)
  • Fire (THEE)
  • Water (NEER)
  • l'Air (VALI)
  • Space (AKAYAM).

In addition, there are three moods "Doshas":

The Vatha is formed by VALI and AKAYAM. 

It controls the sensory and motor functions of the nervous system such as sensation and movement.

The Pittha is formed by THEE (fire). 

It controls metabolic processes in the body such as digestion and assimilation, and helps maintain body heat.

The Kapha is formed by NEER (water) and MUNN (land).

It controls the stability.

Diseases occur when there is an imbalance. 

Balance can be restored by correcting the doshas.  

The three doshas are considered the three pillars of health and support the structure and functions of the body. 

They are involved in the regulation of all body functions, and maintain the physical, emotional and mental balance.

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